What's Old Is New - DIY Fall Wreath


A couple years ago I pinned this lovely blue door from Shades of Blue Interiors on one of my Pinterest boards because I love blue and I LOVED this blue door.

Especially surrounded by the Fall colors.

I had been wanting to paint our front door but just needed to find THE color. If you’ve known me for five minutes, you know I love a good DIY project. So a couple months ago I found my perfect blue for our front door.

Let the painting begin…


Starting with this….


Almost there.

When Fall rolled around I knew that I wanted to recreate the colors in the Blue Door watercolor above.

Hmmmmm…what is a serial crafter to do?

I had a grapevine wreath that came in a raffle prize that had been hidden away in a garage cupboard because it needed to be. It was not cute. A quick trip to Michael’s and I bought some flowers in the colors I wanted and “thank you Michael’s, they were 50% off!

I had the ribbon, moss, glue gun and glue. I stripped flowers and leaves from their stems, applied moss as a base, said a couple of swear words when I burnt my thumb, added a flower here and a pumpkin there. In less than 30 minutes, I had a finished wreath.

It seriously took me longer to clean up all the moss than it did to put the wreath together. That stuff goes everywhere!

FallWreathMakeover1 (2).jpg

So…how did it turn out you ask?


The wreath colors on the blue door look just like I hoped they would…


Your front door is your chance to make a first impression. Paint can be a game changer for very little cost and time investment.

By refreshing an old, tired wreath…I created a new Fall look for my new blue door.

Now…what to do for Christmas!

By Design,