Marie Kondo "Tidying Up" And My Word For 2019


You guys!  Have you watched Marie Kondo spreading her pixie dust and sparking joy yet?  Her show “Tidying Up” on Netflix is sooo good and I have binge watched them all. 

She is all about organizing by categories like clothing, books, Kondo (which is kitchen, garage and miscellaneous) and sentimental items instead of by room. Her mantra is to only keep the items that spark joy. If it’s not something that is going to serve you in the future, thank that item and let it move on to someone else by putting it in the trash pile or donating it.


It is verrry interesting, at least to me , to see the things that the people on the show get hung up on. 

Everyone has their own stuff to get through!  I won’t give any spoilers but each episode there is not only the physical possessions to declutter, but the emotional things that go along with the “stuff” sometimes takes them out before they begin. 


Hello Netflix…how brilliant are you to release this in January when everyone is make resolutions, setting goals and making plans for the new year.  I love the start of the new year.  It is a blank slate.  365  new chances to fill…or not.

Every year I try to come up with a word to help me hold focus to my goals…I’m not really a resolution maker but I do like to set goals.  A word that I can use to keep the mojo going when it doesn’t want to keep going.


Something that sums up how I want to pursue this next trip around the sun.  A word that can help me hold focus, because if I’m being honest, some years are easier than others to keep that touchstone.  Life happens. Things get out of balance and off course.


I try to pick a word that will work for both my business and me personally.

This year my word is Intention.


I chose it, or I really think it chose me, because I need to have more of a plan both professionally and personally to do things with purpose.  Sometimes it seems like life is just a series of reactions to what is happening as opposed to being proactive and doing things with intent.  To plan an action and take the steps, give it the significance to follow through. 

Professionally, this means posting more often on social media, writing my blog posts and newsletter on schedule.  Taking those continuing education courses.  Reaching out to others in my industry.

Personally, it’s making time for my marriage.  Having regular date nights, putting time together in front.  Making my health a priority and sticking with it.  Figuring out what works for our lifestyle and striving for a balance (a whole different blog post).

Are there going to be failures?…hell yes!  But the resolve to do it with intention and determination is what I got.  So let’s go with that.