One Room Challenge - Week Six...It's Reveal Time!


I said it in my IG post and I’ll say it again. If you want six weeks to fly by…just sign up to do the One Room Challenge. Six weeks for Designers and Bloggers to complete a room transformation.


So that means no procrastinating. No thinking that you’ll get to it when you feel like it. No excuses.

Which if I’m being honest?

Works perfectly for me. I might just keep signing up and I’ll get my whole house done.

Please don’t tell John I said that…ssshhhhh!

This is going to be a longer than normal post with lots of pictures, so depending on what time of day you’re reading this; grab your beverage of choice and lets see where this whole thing started.

You can catch up with the previous weeks progress below:

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To refresh your memory , here is the backstory and some Before pics…

(you didn’t think we were going right to the Reveal photos did you?)

This room had been our youngest daughters bedroom and had become a catchall for random things since she moved to SoCal to go to school over three years ago, and now lives there. There were still some of her things, like books, some furniture and even a couple Little Mermaid figurines that didn’t make the move with her.

We are creating our empty nest so time for the Marie Kondo treatment and an update.


Here it is, partially cleared and paint swatches on the wall.

An IKEA ad kept coming through my social media feed with a duvet cover on it (If your listening IKEA, your ad placement is working).

I love Ginkgo trees and it had the leaves in coral, navy and a sagey mint that make my heart beat faster. I also was crushing on a stencil from @cuttingedgestencils of a Ginkgo leaf.

Coincidence…I think not!

It was a natural to use the duvet as my color inspiration in the mid-century boho vibe that I love.


Here is how the Inspiration Board looked.

And we’re doing this on a budget.

So… there were some DIY projects, some re-purposing, some thrift store shopping, along with some new purchases.

Beginning at IKEA.

My daughter went with me and we made the two hour trek.

I needed to see the duvet in person see if the colors read the same as online.

I purchased the duvet, an insert, a ledge shelf for over the bed, the two sconces, prints and frames.

The headboard and chair are from Target.

The fan from Lowes and the new blind is from Home Depot.


The walls were painted Swiss Coffee by Behr from Home Depot and Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore.


This picture will really make you appreciate the After pics!

The book case was given a makeover and my little thrift store stool was repainted.


So do you want to see the finished Guest Room?

You’ve been very patient…

Ok. I hope you like it!


We replaced the fan with an updated version. I wanted to have a cute light fixture but this room faces West and gets really warm in the summer. Function should come first in design, so fan it is.


This little mid-century gem I ordered from Amazon.

Let’s go on an adventure Ok?


This chair from Target. I fell in love with it last year. It’s actually an outdoor chair. When I spotted it

again this year, I scooped it up, knowing it would be the perfect chair for this corner.


One of my Design Assistants…


Voila! My $15 light fixture. A wastebasket from Targets Dollar Spot + a light kit from World Market = very cool shadows on the wall.


Part of my design plan was for this room to stay clutter free. I’m kinda loving the empty spaces.

If you missed it before, I painted the inside of this bookcase and used Peel and Stick wallpaper from Targets Devine Color by Valspar line on the back. This bookcase is solid wood and I still wanted it to shine and contrast with the white walls.

I love the transformation!


Can we talk about this headboard? And it was not my first choice. I chose this after my first option sold out.

Well that worked out well.

It is faux leather but you would never know that. The brass metal frame and stitching make it look rich and beautiful. It attaches to the wall and doesn’t need a bed frame. It is the Tansy Headboard from Target.


I had a whole plan for these closet doors where I would glue on what is actually underlayment and stain the panels. I wanted them to look more med-century. Turns out it would be hard to slide them on the tracks and they would be so different from everything else in our home. There’s not enough space to do a barn type door.

So I went a little commando…and it could have gone soooo wrong.

These are nice builder grade closet doors that have a faux wood grain on them. So I tested out some stain… a little patch, and then just went for it.

Surprise! It looked really good.

Two coats and some new handles, gave them a whole new look.

I will do a tutorial post on them in the near future. Game changer!


Good Vibes Only!


These IKEA sconces are really cute and don’t have to be hardwired. I dropped the cord, which is also really cute btw, down the back of the headboard and plugged them in to nearby outlets.

Six weeks, some sweat equity and some long days later.

What do you think?

I declare this room guest ready!


I am so happy with how this turned out. I have to give a huge shout out to my husband John. I will tackle most things DIY but not electrical. He was my electrician, my finish painter, helped move furniture, rehung the sconces when they weren’t where they should be and was my cheerleader the whole time. On top of working crazy hours at his own job. Love you to pieces!

A little over six weeks ago I decided to participate in this Challenge. Since then I have had people tell me that they have been following along with the progress. Thank you so much to everyone that has cheered me on.

Your support has been amazing.

Fall 2019…I might be ready for another Challenge!

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There are truly some amazing room transformations in all styles.

Thank you to The One Room Challenge for hosting this creative and crazy design challenge!