What's In a Name? Welcome!

Welcome guys!  I have launched Michele by Design Interiors and am super excited to share it with you.  It's been a little like giving birth cuz it's honestly taken about 9 months from starting with the branding research, deciding brand colors, having a logo made and creating the new website and social media.  Whew...seriously.  

So what made me do it?  It's something that I've been thinking about for almost two years.  Elements of Chic was born when my friend and fellow designer Linda decided to join forces. When she decided to step away from design, it was just easier to keep the name.  The truth is I wanted my name back in my business but knew it was going to be work to relaunch a new name aannnd what name did I want to use?  

What's in a name right?

Michele by Design came to me when I was walking my dog.  You know those random thoughts that come out of nowhere. So I tested it out as my Instagram name first and really liked it but I was still a little afraid of letting go of the Elements of Chic name that people had come to know.  In December of 2017 I decided to go for it and now I'm so happy I did!  

Take a look around…sign up for the monthly Newsletter and come back and check out what’s happening here at MBD (Michele by Design). I hope you’ll come along on this new (old) journey.

If you're here from Elements of Chic, I'm glad you made it to my new design home.


Have a day full of inspiration!