Color - Decorating With Green


I’m just going to admit right now that I am squarely on Team Blue. In all its various shades from dusty to turquoise. But man oh man is Green making a strong case for itself lately.

It seems like everywhere I look there are images of green being used in beautiful ways.

Don’t get me wrong, I like green…I’m a plant mama and love what green plants bring to our home. Green is probably one of the most common colors we see indoors and out. It is a positive color psychologically, as it represents renewal in Spring, rebirth and refresh.

The symbol that is used for recycling is green and Sustainable Design is also rightfully called Green Design.

There are beautiful, rich greens in paint colors, furniture, textiles and art as well as light and airy, soft mint greens. Green can be moody or barely there, light and airy.

So how is Green being used in homes?

So many ways…

Starting at the front door.


This just says “Won’t you come in?”

Forest Greens, depending on the paint finish, whether satin or gloss, can be traditional or have a more modern look.

This smoky green used by Emily Henderson in a Portland remodel pairs perfectly with the marble counter tops and wood floors. Pewter Green by Sherwin-Williams

This library gets a refresh from this mid-tone green bookcase.

Green mixed with a little yellow adds a bright and funky twist in the kids room above and the kitchen below.

Great Barrington Green by Benjamin Moore

This mint green kitchen with the mismatched pendants and black and white rug show the perfect way to get an eclectic, fresh vibe in this LA home. Moth’s Wing by Behr

And then there’s sofas and chairs getting the green treatment.


Especially green velvet!


Whether its an olive, sage, chartreuse, forest or mint green, just like in nature, there are an infinite number of greens out there.

The undertone of greens will determine what colors to pair it with. White, black, gray, blush or pink, other complementary shades of green, yellow, orange, blues…the possibilities are endless.

Green is having a moment and I think will be here for a bit. I know I’m loving it and who knows…there may be a green room in my future!


By design,


Happy Birthday America! Inspiration RoundUp And paTriotic Playlist


Happy 243rd birthday America!

Summer is in full swing and July 4th is always a highlight. It is such a part of the fabric of our Nation.

BBQ’s will be fired up, horseshoes and corn hole showdowns will be happening, parades celebrating life in America in big and small towns and of course, fireworks to finish it all off with a bang!

O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain
For purple mountain majesties, above the fruited plain

However you celebrate the birth of our great country, there are so many ways to set the scene and show off your decor skills, from simple to elaborate depending on how, when and where you’re hanging out.



I set this table with a little help from Targets One Spot and some things I already had. You can get an easy patriotic look just by adding some small flags from the Dollar store to plant pots you already have. A chalk pen and some kind of chalkboard gives you a creative way to greet or guide guests. The chalkboard clothing pin stars are clipped onto linen napkins from Magnolias Hearth and Home line. The succulents I planted in little metal buckets that were $1 each. So easy.


And now, here’s some 4th inspiration that I found out there in the world wide web to spark that patriotic creativity.

Like this cute wreathe made from Tulle…

These fruit filled ice cubes that would be amazing in sparkling water like La Croix or some Sangria!

These watermelon cut into stars…

America, America, God shed His grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea

This year we are roadtrippin’ to North Dakota for a family 4th of July and reunion. My mom is from North Dakota, and as kids we went back every couple of years in the summer from California, for this very same celebration at my Aunts farm.

Along with myself and youngest daughter, my brother and his family, and one of my sisters are hitting the road with my mom for a reunion, years in the making!

Taking in the sights and scenery along the way and ending up in Bismarck, ND for the 4th!

Going to make for some tired behinds but creating some of those lifetime memories makes it so worth it.

In keeping with the patriotic holiday spirit, here’s a little playlist I created to celebrate America…some sweet songs to go with the hotdogs and fireworks 🧨 👇🏼


Enjoy a happy and safe holiday!

by design,


One Room Challenge Week 5 - Down To The Wire


Wow guys!  It is Week 5 of the One Room Challenge.  I feel pretty good about where I am and panicked at the same time.


Got a couple deliveries coming in hot. The shelf, light fixtures and headboard installed.

My DIY project this week was to makeover the little stool I got at the thrift store.  

This stool will always be the purchase that got me my first Senior Discount!  No really.

Little did I know that Tuesday’s you get a 20% discount if you’re over 55 at Community Hospice Hope Chest. The clerk was looking at me, trying to decide whether to take the risk and ask. Since I didn’t know there was a discount on Tuesdays, I thought she just really liked the lip color I had on as she studied me. But then she went there...very politely. I blurted out “yes” without thinking when she said, “you’re not 55 are you?” Yes. Yes I am! Loud and proud. So with my senior discount, my little stool cost a whopping $8! 😉 This is a high five when I’m trying to do this project on a budget.

All the discounts please.


To give this stool a makeover I sanded a million layers of paint down.  


I used a white spray paint with primer and gave it two coats.

Using a trash bag, I taped off the legs of this cutie and sprayed them gold to create that dip dyed look. 



I flipped it and touched up a couple spots but it was a really quick project. 


She’s feeling so much better about herself!

Next week is the big reveal for all the One Room Challenge participants. So its crunch time. The end game. Down to the wire. All the cliches. Agh… I want to show you so many things but all will be revealed for this little Guest Room makeover next Thursday.

Here we go…

Please follow the other exciting room reno projects here, check out the ORC blog for the featured designers and guests participants like me!

Follow along on my Instagram stories for more updates! 

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My Secret to an Easy, Inexpensive Way to Change Your Decor

It’s officially Christmas decorating season. One of my favorite times to decorate my home and the homes of my clients. Before I get started and things get cray, I wanted to share one of my favorite ways to update your home.


We all know that pillows are an easy way to update your decor but an even easier option…pillow covers! Yep, that’s right. Maybe you have a pillow problem like me? But storage can be a problem…am I right?

For seasonal or holiday changes switching a few pillows out with new covers can give you a whole new look…for very little moola!

Bonus points because whenever the current season is over, you can zip them off, throw them in the washing machine and depending on the fabric, either hang to dry or toss in the dryer. Then fold and store them flat.

Below are some of the ones I’ll use for Christmas and keep the Winter ones on into January.


Some of my favorite online sites for pillow covers are…

Amazon… here

Etsy… here , here and here.

Ikea…one of my favorite places to shop for covers year round. If you can’t make it to one of their stores, shop online here.


No matter your style, there are pillow covers to help you change up your decor for the seasons in minutes!

How To ChangeYour Seasonal DecorIn Minutes.png