Color - Decorating With Green


I’m just going to admit right now that I am squarely on Team Blue. In all its various shades from dusty to turquoise. But man oh man is Green making a strong case for itself lately.

It seems like everywhere I look there are images of green being used in beautiful ways.

Don’t get me wrong, I like green…I’m a plant mama and love what green plants bring to our home. Green is probably one of the most common colors we see indoors and out. It is a positive color psychologically, as it represents renewal in Spring, rebirth and refresh.

The symbol that is used for recycling is green and Sustainable Design is also rightfully called Green Design.

There are beautiful, rich greens in paint colors, furniture, textiles and art as well as light and airy, soft mint greens. Green can be moody or barely there, light and airy.

So how is Green being used in homes?

So many ways…

Starting at the front door.


This just says “Won’t you come in?”

Forest Greens, depending on the paint finish, whether satin or gloss, can be traditional or have a more modern look.

This smoky green used by Emily Henderson in a Portland remodel pairs perfectly with the marble counter tops and wood floors. Pewter Green by Sherwin-Williams

This library gets a refresh from this mid-tone green bookcase.

Green mixed with a little yellow adds a bright and funky twist in the kids room above and the kitchen below.

Great Barrington Green by Benjamin Moore

This mint green kitchen with the mismatched pendants and black and white rug show the perfect way to get an eclectic, fresh vibe in this LA home. Moth’s Wing by Behr

And then there’s sofas and chairs getting the green treatment.


Especially green velvet!


Whether its an olive, sage, chartreuse, forest or mint green, just like in nature, there are an infinite number of greens out there.

The undertone of greens will determine what colors to pair it with. White, black, gray, blush or pink, other complementary shades of green, yellow, orange, blues…the possibilities are endless.

Green is having a moment and I think will be here for a bit. I know I’m loving it and who knows…there may be a green room in my future!


By design,