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Just Sunday - Edition #1

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Hey there! I am so excited to start a new feature called Just Sunday!

Which will appear a couple times a month on…you guessed it! Sunday

It will be a roundup of some of my favorite finds around the web. It might be design related but also just things that have caught my eye, that I want to try, have tried or someone recommended.

I want it to be fun, inspirational, perspirational aka a DIY project or something for rejuvenation of your mind or body.

Are you ready for the first edition? Let’s go!


I grew up with this Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. This plaid cover is a part of my child and adult life. And this cookbook above, is the second one I’ve gone through. The first one had a soft cover and over the years started falling apart, pages coming out from the binding and Eggs Benedict would be in with Cream Cheese Frosting. So I got this updated hardcover version.

Don’t get me wrong…I’ve got Pinterest boards for recipes from clean eating and Keto to yummy desserts . Plus other cookbooks up the wazoo I love, but if I want just some good old fashioned information; chances are it’s in this book.

One of my favorite recipes that I love to make in the Summer when fruit is the very meaning of Summer, is a Fruit Crisp. Peach, Nectarine or Berry…all favorites.

I love it even more than pie


Hello! A crisp has oatmeal in it…and fruit. I call that fair game for breakfast


I mean…c’mon. Doesn’t this look amazing? I’m going to share the recipe that I use from the 10th Edition of the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book below. But you know what? I’m also going to tell you how I make it, at least in my mind, lip smacking delicious. Ready?

I double the yummy, crunchy topping!

And for the spices? I use Cinnamon and Allspice.

Yep…You’re Welcome.

Just Sunday Crisp Recipe.png

So if you want to make this breakfast, I mean dessert recipe, for your own taste of summer

here it is. Let me know how it turns out and if you doubled up on the topping!

And now, here’s a few things from around the web I wanted to share …

Given how hot it’s been this week…I would love to visit these Natural Swimming Holes from around the world.

This topiary using a wire coat hanger and an ivy plant

I’m going to try my hand at homemade pickles…this recipe for Spicy Garlic Dill Refrigerator Pickles sounds yummy!

You may not be using your fire pit that much this Summer but here are 35 different fire pit designs to inspire you for when the weather turns a little cooler.

By Design,


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