Design Consultation


Trying to figure out the best furniture layout in your room?  Or maybe you've decided to upgrade your flooring and countertops but need help selecting materials that are going to function how you need them to and be beautiful.  I have had clients who are so afraid to make the wrong choice that they don't make a choice at all.  Raise your hand if this you.  You know what? This is where spending a little money on a designer can actually help you save some money, by getting it right the first time.  A Design Consultation is a great place to start so you can make the choices and create the rooms you've been envisioning.

We set up a date and time for the Consultation.  This is like a first date where we will get to know each other and talk about project needs, timeline and budget. Approximately 45 minutes in your home to determine what Services and options are best for you.  No more living with what you don't love.

Paint Consultations

We all know how much color affects our mood but it can be intimidating selecting the right color when you're at the big box store, under florescent lighting, and you can't decide.  So you don't.  Or you choose wrong.  It's only paint right?  

During a Paint Consultation we will study the light in your space.  I'll bring some swatches to help us determine a direction.  I'll pick up some samples and bring them back within 3-4 days so you can see them in your space and light and choose your color with confidence.